Dimitry Sediako

Dimitry Sediako



Research Interests and Expertise:

       Stress analysis in metal castings, components, and joints;

       Solidification and phase evolution;

       Lightweight alloy development for automotive and aerospace industries

       High temperature processes and installations;

       Fluid dynamics and heat transfer;

       Phase and structural transformation in metals,

       Material properties - ferrous and lightweight alloys.

Ph.D. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
B.Sc. / M.Sc. Thermal Engineering

P.Eng. Mechanical and Metallurgical Engineering

Fellow Canadian Academy of Engineering

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Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Canadian Neutron Beam Centre
Chalk River Laboratories
Building 459, Station 18
Chalk River, ON
K0J 1J0 Canada

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Telephone: (613) 584-8811 (Ext.44614)
Mobile: (613) 639-2029

E-mail: Dimitry.Sediako@cnl.ca