Access to the Canadian Neutron Beam Centre by academic users is granted on the basis of the scientific merit of the proposals, which shall be reviewed by subject-oriented committees of scientists drawn from the user community. CINS coordinates the commitees.

The committee members shall consider such criteria as the prior literature by the proponent and other authors, prior knowledge about the subject material from other experimental methods, the reason that neutron scattering is required, scientific context of the proposed work and the expected impact of the knowledge that will be gained.

Decisions to accept or reject a proposal will be based on a simple majority of members of each review committee involved in the assessment of each proposal. CNBC staff are willing to work with applicant to refine and improve a research proposal to bring it to an acceptable condition.

Beam Time Allocation

When a proposal is accepted, beam time will be assigned at a scheduling meeting of the CNBC staff. Beam time allocations attempt to strike the best compromise between the dates requested by the proposer, competing requests for beam time on the same instrument and the availability of any ancillary equipment required by the experiment. CNBC staff will ensure that all necessary instrumentation is operational for the experiment and will assist with the measurement, if requested to do so.

Subject-oriented Review committees

There are presently five subject review committees:

  • Quantum Materials: Zahra Yamani
  • Soft Materials: Maikel Rheinstadter (McMaster University)
  • Materials Science and Engineering: Ron Rogge
  • Thin Films and Surfaces: Zin Tun
  • Condensed-matter structures: Roxana Flacau

The proposal review process is administered by Niki Schrie and is ultimately the responsibility of the CNBC Director, John Root.

Procedure for Review of Research Proposals

Download the “Procedure for Review of Research Proposals” in PDF format