You may submit a proposal at any time. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your potential project with one of the scientific experts at the CNBC, who will serve as your Local Contact for the proposed experiment.

Beam Time Proposal Form

You may download and submit a proposal for beam time, if:

  • You agree to the notice below.
  • You agree that your proposal will be reviewed for scientific merit by one of five subject-area review committees organized by CINS.
  • You agree to publish your results in a peer-reviewed journal, with your scientific contact at CNBC as a co-author, notify the CNBC when your paper is accepted for publication, and if appropriate, to cooperate with the CNBC  to publicize your research and to peer-review others’ proposals for beam time. For more information, refer to the after your beam time page.

Where beam time is provided on a no-fee basis there shall be no proprietary interest in the results obtained and the proposer shall make the results available in the public domain whether by way of publishing them in a journal or otherwise. For proprietary measurements, beam time can be obtained on a fee-for-service basis directly through the CNBC.

Download the proposal form beamtime application

beamtime applicationCompatibility warning for Mac OS or third-party pdf viewing software:
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