Congratulations on completing your experiment!

Please note the following information and reminders as you move your research forward.

Preparing your Results for Publication

Your scientific contact at the CNBC is available to assist as needed with interpretation of results. The direct support of CNBC experts for you and your students is one of the advantages the CNBC provides. As a professional courtesy in recognition of the significant contributions he or she is making to your research, please invite your scientific contact to participate as a co-author of your paper.

Acceptance for Publication

Please notify us when your manuscripts are accepted for publication at:, and then prepare an ‘impact statement’ to help us promote your research.

Promoting Your Research

We can work with you to promote your research by writing a research success story for non-specialists and distributing it to the neutron beam community and other audiences. Please submit a one-paragraph impact statement within 30 days to, if you would like to have your newly published research considered for promotion. The impact statement should describe the importance of the results, the role of the CNBC in contributing to the results, and any known or expected impacts in science, technology, business or society.

Serving the Community

Now that you are an active member of the Canadian community of neutrons beam users, we hope that you will serve, if invited, as a peer-reviewer of others’ proposals for beam time.

Planning your next experiment

The CNBC plans to provide neutrons until the end of March 2018, and to provide assistance until March 2019 to complete data analysis and publish results. You are invited to propose challenging experiments, encourage young researchers to visit and learn everything they can from the CNBC’s experts, who provide personal assistance during the experiment. For more information, refer to the get beam time page.