The CNBC will help you develop a proposal for time on its world-class beamlines for stress scanning, reflectometry, polarized triple-axis spectroscopy and powder diffraction. You can get as much beam time as is scientifically and technically justified. The CNBC will provide high quality support during your beam time, and can help you interpret results afterwards. You can submit a proposal anytime, and it can be approved within weeks.

Everything you need to know about getting beam time for public domain research at the CNBC, from the application to visiting the lab to publishing and promoting your results can be found here. For proprietary research, please contact the CNBC directly:

How to plan and apply for your beam time:

When your beam time is approved:

After your beam time:

The CNBC plans to provide neutrons until the end of March 2018, and to provide assistance until March 2019 to complete data analysis and publish results.

You are invited to propose challenging experiments, encourage young researchers to visit and learn everything they can from the CNBC’s experts, who provide personal assistance during the experiment.