CINS Annual General Meeting 2022

1) Welcome

2) CINS business + election

3) Neutron Initiatives Update
        -Neutrons Canada

4) Neutron Long Range Plan – 12:30 – 2pm

4.1) Introduction to the LRP: Scope and process (Bruce) – [12:30pm, 10 min]
Purpose, scope, planning basis
Process (past and planned next steps)
-Decision criteria
Report list of foreign advisors

4.2) State of the neutron community – (Daniel) [12:40pm, 10 min]
Include recent bibliometric results and announce the survey

4.3) Findings from working groups – [12:50pm, 10 min each]
1. Soft materials (Drew Marquardt, Simon Rondeau-Gagne)
2. Quantum materials (Zahra Yamani, Pat Clancy)
Energy materials (Michelle Dolgos, Jacques Huot)
Residual Stress (James Noel, Hamid Abdolvand)

4.4) Discussion of issues affecting students and post-docs (Student panel: Symphony Huang, Mitch DiPasquale, Yijia Zi) – [1:30pm, 10 min]

4.5) Discussion of options for future flagship facilities (Daniel Banks) – [1:40pm, 10 min]

4.6) Wrap-up discussion (Bruce Gaulin) – [1:50pm, 10 min]