Membership Survey Results

Neutron beams provide unique information about materials, and cannot be replaced by other research techniques. In our membership survey, scientists and engineers who use neutron beam facilities all rated these facilities as important. They describe the barriers they face in using neutron beams as lack of operational support and difficulty in obtaining beam time in the face of high demand for these scarce resources. Continue reading Membership Survey Results

Canadian Neutron Initiative Goes Public

The Canadian Neutron Initiative (CNI) went public today with an op-ed article in Post-Media papers. Karen Chad and Rob Baker, VP’s of Research for the University of Saskatchewan and McMaster University, respectively, called for Canada to “plan ahead to retain our Canadian program and capacity for materials research with neutron beams” following the expected closure of the NRU reactor in 2018. The closure of our neutron source is in contrast to what the Canadian Minister of Science and the Governor General saw during their state visit to Sweden last week Continue reading Canadian Neutron Initiative Goes Public

The NRU Reactor Will Shutdown in 2018

On Friday, the Government of Canada announced that Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) will operate the National Research Universal (NRU) reactor until March 31, 2018, subject to relicensing. “At the conclusion of this period, the reactor will be placed in a state of storage with surveillance until decommissioning,” said Bob Walker, President and CEO of CNL.
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