Developing the Ultimate Lightweight Alloy for Cleaner Cars

Engineers from the University of Waterloo applied neutron beams in the development of a promising new magnesium alloy. In addition to being cost-effective, the material’s alloying elements ensure increased ductility and strength—paving the way for lighter, more energy-efficient vehicles. Continue reading Developing the Ultimate Lightweight Alloy for Cleaner Cars

2017 Gordon Research Conference on Neutron Scattering

The 2017 Gordon Research Conference (GRC) and Gordon Research Symposium (GRS) on Neutron Scattering will be held August 5-6 (GRS) and August (6-10) at the Hong Kong University for Science and Technology.  The GRC features a single plenary session format, in the Gordon Conference tradition, that focuses on in-depth discussion between the attendees, invited speakers and discussion leaders.  The GRS is organized for and by graduate students and postdocs, and includes both sessions with a scientific focus as well as sessions dedicated to professional development and issues of relevance to early career scientists.  This will be the inaugural GRS on Neutron Scattering, but we are hoping to make it a regular part of the overall GRC Neutron Scattering program in years to come.

The GRC program and poster are attached to this mailing, as is the poster for the GRS.  Registration for both the 2017 GRC and GRS in neutron scattering are now open.  As you’ll see the program is wide ranging and features an excellent slate of international speakers, and ample time for in depth and small group discussions.  Note that there will be contributed poster sessions and four contributed talks in the final program (these are not included in the attached program), drawn from the poster contributions of the registered attendees.

We have received generous international sponsorship and we are pleased to be able to offer some support to partially cover the costs of registration and accommodation – initially up to $500US with a preference for supporting qualified young neutron scientists.

You can apply by going to the following websites and following the instructions for attendees:

2017 GRC on Neutron Scattering:

2017 GRS on Neutron Scattering:

Looking forward to seeing many of you in Hong Kong in August for what we are sure will be very exciting GRC and GRS in Neutron Scattering!

Conference Posters and Schedules:

Announcement submitted by: Bruce D. Gaulin (McMaster University, Chair) and Masatoshi Arai (ESS, Vice Chair)


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Neutrons are essential in the search for new spintronic materials

Université de Montréal scientists use neutron beams in their search for materials that could have revolutionary applications in computing technology. Their search was made possible by fundamental discoveries that were recognized by the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics.
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Canadian Neutron Initiative Goes Public

The Canadian Neutron Initiative (CNI) went public today with an op-ed article in Post-Media papers. Karen Chad and Rob Baker, VP’s of Research for the University of Saskatchewan and McMaster University, respectively, called for Canada to “plan ahead to retain our Canadian program and capacity for materials research with neutron beams” following the expected closure of the NRU reactor in 2018. The closure of our neutron source is in contrast to what the Canadian Minister of Science and the Governor General saw during their state visit to Sweden last week Continue reading Canadian Neutron Initiative Goes Public

Designing New Permanent Magnets for Wind Turbines and Electric Vehicles

McGill University researchers are developing a method for predicting the magnetic properties of new materials even before they are made. This method could help scientists design new low‑cost magnets for more efficient wind turbines and electric vehicles.
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