Long-Range Plan (LRP) for Canadian Neutron Scattering Launch Meeting Summary

The Canadian Institute for Neutron Scattering (CINS), with support from McMaster University on behalf of the Canadian Neutron Initiative, held the launching meeting of A Long-Range Plan (LRP) for Canadian Neutron Scattering on March 10th. This was the first step to guide the development of Canadian neutron beam science over a 30 year horizon.  The need for such an LRP is clear considering major new funding for Canadian neutron beam science through a CFI project “Building a Future for Canadian Neutron Scattering”, other parallel initiatives and continuous advancements in neutron beam instruments, technologies and sources. This meeting was the first step in the consultative LRP exercise with the goal to yield a community-supported, specific, and realistic plan for the infrastructure investments, partnerships, training and policy developments needed to advance Canadian research that relies on neutron beams. The LRP will define a coherent national neutron program and help to earn the confidence of all potential stakeholders, including the Canadian research community, government, and foreign partners. 

We discussed the schedule for developing the LRP and the content. This meeting was the first opportunity for the Working Group Chairs to meet with their respective subject-specific working groups and begin collecting details on the needs and ambitions of the Canadian neutron beam community. Working Group Chairs will continue to work with their groups to determine how these important needs and ambitions can be met using both Canadian and international neutron sources in the coming decade, at least. 

 We wish to thank Dr. Art McDonald and all the presenters who took the time to make this meeting a success. Meeting materials can be found here.

Drew Marquardt (CINS President and U of Windsor)

Bruce Gaulin (McMaster University, PI CFI IF “Building a Future for Canadian Neutron Scattering”)