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Here you can find how to get neutron beam time in Canada, learn about materials research, follow news and events, or join us to get involved in the planning for the future.

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Getting Neutron Beam Time

The CNBC will help you develop a proposal for time on its world-class beamlines for stress scanning, reflectometry, polarized triple-axis spectroscopy and powder diffraction. You can get as much beam time as is scientifically and technically justified. The CNBC will provide high quality support during your beam time, and can help you interpret results afterwards. You can submit a proposal anytime, and it can be approved within weeks.

Planning the Future of Neutron Scattering in Canada

The updated long-range plan for neutron scattering in Canada is now available. The centrepiece of the plan is the Canadian Neutron Centre (CNC) which is envisioned to be a world-class neutron source with associated laboratories and infrastructure.


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Materials research makes impact

Materials research makes impact

Materials research using neutron beams is leading to impacts for industry and society today. And today's discoveries hold promise to enable tomorrow's breakthroughs.

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How A Neutron Beam Facility Works

How A Neutron Beam Facility Works

Learn how a neutron beam facility works.

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Neutron Summer School

Neutron Summer School

Learn first-hand how to use neutron beams for your research during September 12-16, 2016. The school is aimed at graduate students and post-docs who may have no prior knowledge of how to use neutron beams to study materials.

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Nobel Prize Winner Bertram Brockhouse

Nobel Prize Winner Bertram Brockhouse

Bertram Brockhouse shared the 1994 Nobel Prize in Physics for pioneering the use of neutron beams to probe materials. The prize demonstrates the importance of neutron beams: they are versatile and irreplaceable tools for probing materials.

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13th Canadian Neutron Scattering Summer School

The 13th Canadian Neutron Scattering Summer School will be held at Chalk River Laboratories on ...

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